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Friday, 24 October 2014



One or two,

Give me more,

I don't care,

The eyes which stare,

Surprise me with,

 label too black,

Add some fizz n ice,

Serve with,

 slice of red.

One is enough to give me kick,

Give one more,

To break the silence,

Of night so black,

Morning too calm.

Let no drop go waste,

Pour here;

In see through glass,

To add class,

Give me some nuts,

Lest I go nutty.

Cheers again,

Come and join me,

Before I go blind,

In the red fizz.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Children of poor

Celebrations are rare

In the home of poor,

They struggle all life,

For means.....

Under thatched roof,

In their hovel,

On the mud coated floor,

In the Luxury of creeping creatures

Their children play,

Between the hole in the door,

They fix their eyes,

To gaze the sun,

Which never comes,

To greet .......

Air stinks,

To breathe,

Is an excercise,

In the creeks,

Where they live,

Worse they have food,

To feed one ,

In the family of four,

What they learn,

Is what they got from life,

Spite and no respite,

Distrust which life entrust,

Is the language of disgust,

Insolvent hopes,

Whimper and whine,

Roll in scarcity,

To let their hearth,

All fume and no flame,

In the hurricane of life,

They perish,

With no grace or solace,

In the pentintary of life,

Like rudiments,

Crawl in the vestibule of future,

With hope so bleak,

Tomorrow dies,

A poor life.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


तराना प्यार  का तुने जो छेडा,

पत्थर भी तेरे गुन गा रहे है।

बारिश की रिमझिम छम छम,

पायल की झंकार लगे है।

हवाऔ की सर सर मे,

पते भी नाचने लगे।

माटी की सोधीं खुशबु,

मदहोशी बरपा रही।

शीतल तेरे प्यार की महिमा,

लहरे भी उछल उछल कर,

तुझ को छुना चाहती।

रात चाँदनी,

तारों की चादर ओड जो सोया,

तेरे ही ख्याबों मे था खोया।

कण कण मे गीत संगीत है तेरा,

जिक्र हर पल है अब तेरा।

तराना प्यार का तूने जो छेडा।

Truth of life

One fine morning,

I found,

That all,

My sorrows gone,

I am free to


No worries,

No tensions,

 I am alone,

But happy,

Flying high,


What is this?

Why they mourn?

On My body,

O my God,

I am soul,

Free from bonding,

Of body,

Dead for them,

They dig my grave,

To rest me there,

As they leave,

Me under the heap,

I saw some tears,

Some meekly smiling,

But both were there,

On my last rites,

To perform their final duty,

As they  bid adieu,

I could notice,

The changing faces of relations,

Counting the blessings,

Which I leave,

Fighting legal battles,

In and out of court room,

Never they bother,

How I feel,

Midst of stars,

Never they realise,

What I leave is immaterial,

What is gone with me is Material.


चिंगारी अगर भडके तो बुझा डालो,

वरना तो नफरत की आग ने,

शहर ही राख कर डाले।

बीज वैसै ही बीजो, जैसी फसल चाहते हो,

बबूल के पेड पर आम लगते किसी ने ना देखे।

सोच अच्छी हो,

पर जो सोचो करगुजरो,

नही तो गुजरे वक्त को याद कर खुद को कोसते रह जाओगे।

वक्त  रहते दिल मे जो  है कह डालो,

नहीं तो रहते वक्त तक मलाल रह जाएगा।

मंजिल की तलाश में घर से निकलो तो,

अम्बरो को छुने की चाह रखते हो तो,

धरती का मोह त्यागना पडेगा।

समय गतिशील है,

किसी के लिए नहीं रुकता,

परिवर्तन कुदरत का नियम है,

नियम निर्धारित कर,

उनके की पालना करो।

समय का सदुपयोग,

समय का आदर है।

आज को कल की झोली मे मत डालो,

कल को आज की नींव मे सीचो,

यथार्थ मे जीओ,

क्यु जो अगला पल हो या न हो।