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Saturday, 1 November 2014


In the vicissitudes of life,

I miss;
The luxury of time spent together,
With those whom I love,
With those who are near my heart.

I miss;
The childhood of my kids,
Their innocence,which we lost.

I miss;
The peace which heart seeks,

The bliss so serene.

I miss;
The quiet breeze which breaks the silence,
The place of my space.

I miss;
The time gone by,
The dreams lost in the girth of time,

I miss;
The door,which I never opened,
The opportunities lost and moment gone.

I miss;
Today for tomorrow,
Seen for unseen.

I miss;
The mistakes which I never committed,
The credit which I never got.

I miss;
Accepting too easily,
Giving up so easily.

I miss;
Being significant without any cause,
Being longed for a selfless love.

I miss;
The kiss,
The last laugh.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Journey of soul

Varied forms and shapes,

Life dwell in many,


A Journey of soul,

Always on bumpy ride,

Never so smooth,

Never too rough,

Changes religion and region,

As it changes form and shape,

This endless journey of soul,

Is search of endless,

Eternal romance,

Divine ray of light,

A final cause,

Wherein life is a prayer,

To let soul unfolds,

On the path of magnificent voyage,

From subconscious to conscious,

From nowhere to defined,

From finite to infinite,

This never ending journey;

Meets it's end in oneness with God.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Celebrations they do have

They have dreams,

But only scream,

They do want,

But they can't,


Are for rich,

Not for poor,

How can they,

Who have meals,

Once in a day,


Food is the luxury,


They do have,

When they have food,

To the fill,

For all,

In the family.


They do have,

When they don't,

Simmer in summers,

And shiver in winters.


They do have,

When eyes don't poke,

Words don't hurt,

Happy in happening,

Festivity for today,

Tomorrow may not happen,

They celebrate