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Saturday, 23 August 2014

थोडी थोडी

    थोडी इसने थोडी उसने पिला दी,

      कि थोडी थोडी फिर बहुत हो गईं,

     यु तो बहकना न था कि बहकना अब मजबूरी हो गई,
     यह  मेरी खता नही कि थोडी थोडी फिर बहुत हो गई ।
    न पीता तो न पीता

   कि पीना अब मजबूरी हो गई,

  कमबख्त होश मे रहने के लिये ये चीज अब जरूरी हो गई ।

 वो चहकना , महकना और अब बहकना,

 कि गुलशन मे चर्चा हो गई,

 इक गुल जवां हो गया,

और इक जवां पशेमां हो गया।

वो रात बार बार याद आएगी ,

और पुछेगी कि ,

बरसो की बनी इमारत ,

क्यु पल मे ढेरी हो गई,

परदों का गिरना क्यु तेरी मजबुरी हो गईं,

अब सन्दीप कोई पूछेगा की ,

तु बतलाएगा ,

कि थोडी थोडी कयु बहुत हो गईं।

Why we fight

                                     WHY WE FIGHT

I don't know,

 why we fight,

When we know it hurts,

But we do,

Where we,

When we,

Why we,

Make no sense,

We fight for nothing,

Issues which are no issues,

Become big,

We curse,

Use staggering words like dagger,

Like a sting it hurts,

Where the heart lies,

Simmering leave scars,

Never to be healed,


We still fight.

think about it

                          THINK ABOUT IT

          Children too have their own issues,

          They too fight,

          With words,

          Hit and hurt each other,

          But then,

          In a moment,

          They are one,

          Eat together,

          Play together,

          Share and care,


          Then fight again,

          Just to,

          Forget and forgo,

          Leaving no gaps,

          No scars,

          No issues,

          They are one.

                                              We have every reason to learn from children. That like childhood life is too short. We have one life span and it is foolish to waste it in hatred and jealousy. We should peep within and study the book of our own soul. THINK ABOUT IT.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014



I have given you my name but not fame,
You have to earn it on your own,

Strength is mine but Will is yours,
Empower yourself for divine glory,

No doubt the footprints are mine,
But you have to pave your own way,

I have given you mind to unravel the mysteries,
But decision is your own,

I have given you power to see,
But sight is your own,

I have given you ability to speak,
But words are your own,

I have given your chance,
But choice is your own,

I have displayed stars on the canvas of universe,
You have to find one which is your own,

I have painted the earth for you,
You have to find landscape which is your own,

Sensations are mine but Perceptions are yours,
Inspiration is mine but Aspiration is your own,

Whenever you make final move remember
affinity is mine but affirmation is your own


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

power of prayer

When you are worried and sad,

When night of darkness is too long,

And rage of tensions high,


Pray to GOD for his blessings,and

See the strength unmatched,

Unleash the power of prayer,

Pray from  heart,

Forget self and merge in oneness,

He is there in and around,

We need eyes to see

God answers every prayer,

Pray from heart,

Put your soul into it,

Often he will test us,

Make our life full of ordeals,

Don't get despair,

We need not get answers to all our prayers,

Don't worry,

He has his own way of testing,

We get what we deserve,

Not what we want,

As he is the best judge,

Darkness may be too harsh,

But at the end of the tunnel there will always be ray of hope.

                                    God is always there with us . We may go astray but he is always there to guide us.Devotion and dedication will lead us to be with him in his realm.