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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Love Me

Vivacious and exquisite body,

Dazzling eyes, parched lips,

Spotless and immaculate cloak,

Make me crave for you.

Feeble murmurs, unyielding cramps,

Soaked in your love,

Entice me.

Ravenous I feel,

For touch so smooth,

Curve so curvaceous,

Move so poise.

Come,feel the gush in me,

Like Tides in sea,

Embrace me with grace,

Leave love drops trace,

Tease me with tingling lips,

Weave your hug,

With arc so close,

Whispers so warm,

Lock me in your lushy eyes.

Make the move,

In the moments of ecstasy,

Melt in me,

All the love, you have for me.

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