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Thursday, 20 August 2015

lost in your thoughts

Lost in your thoughts,

Feast of your sight

Beauty bestowed,

What my eyes saw once,

Still wandering,

In streets,

Searching the streaks,

Which you left behind,

Often visiting the shore,

Where you danced before,

In rain,

Treading softly on pebbles,

Flunged by waves,

Dripping pearls draped in white;

Murmurs of you;

Still echoes in my mind,


From the window ajar;of Time and space,

Saw you descending like a fairy,

In moonlit night,

On the floor of my heart,

Beat of my heart;when it beat for you first,

Still  vibrant in memories,

Years gone as time flies,

Nice smiles on your face,

Still surface like before,

I seek you; crave for you,

That graceful caress,

Gentle touch of you; dawn melting in dusk,

Still tickle me within,and;

Trickle all love have for you,

The chill of your touch; descent of love,

Sweeping curves,wish to surf,

In memories fresh,

Still you come everynight,

To share my dreams,and;

Ease pains which separation weave,