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Saturday, 9 May 2015


Let's go back in woods,

Far from concrete

Midst of green

breathe afresh,

Where sun seeps from sieve of leaves,

Under the shade,

Between the dancing leaves,

As the breeze sneeze,.

Birds chirp,Nightingale sings,

Where Moon fades, sunlight glisten,

Through the leaves,

Rain come thumping,

Leaves bathe to shatter the rhythm,

Of melodious rain,

Sing sing in unison,

Splashing water, beholding colours,

Of blooming flowers,

Bow bow in unison,

In echoes of silence,holding breath,

Ravishing all,

What Nature bestowed,

शौक से अंकल कहलाने लगा हु।

काले से सफेद बाल हो गए,

माथे की रेखाएं भी साफ दिखने लगी।

तु से आप हो गया,

बच्चों के लिए मै अंकल हो गया।

जिंदगी की दौड मे,

आटे दाल की तोल मोल मे,

बीवी की खिच खिच,

बच्चों की चिक चिक मे ,

नींद भी अहसान हो गई,

जाने कब इस बीच मै,

मै से अंकल हो गया।

आईना मुझको रोज दिखा,,

पापा पापा कहते बच्चे बढे होने लगे।

रंग कपडो मे मेरे भर,

बाल काले करने को कहने लगे,

अंकल वो भी देखा करो,

बनठन के पापा रहा करो।

यु मुझको कहने लगे,

जाने कब,इस बीच,

मोहल्ले के बच्चे मुझको अंकल कहने लगे।

उमर बीती पता तब चला,

कदम लडखडाए,

तो छोटे से बच्चे ने आ कर कहा,

अंकल सडक पार करा दू,

हाथ थामो मेरा।

सच जान कर जी रहा हूँ,

अंकुश भावनाओं पर लगा,

खुद को अंकल कहला रहा हूँ।

अठखेलियां करते बीती जवानी, बुढापे का लुत्फ उठाने चला हु,

शौक से अंकल कहलाने लगा हु।

Friday, 8 May 2015


Inner stillness calmness within,

Is all I want ,

Shunning hostility, envy within,

Wish to be liberated again,

Disruptions away as thought sway,

I wish to breathe out burden within,

Base instincts , coarseness around,

Leaving all, I wish to move around,

In the light and spirit of his,

Where love radiates, stillness flows,

Wish to dance in rhythmic harmony,

In Eternal song of love which he sings,

Wish to move within,

On the path of joy and awareness,

Where peace rules ,love prevails,

In the land of God,



Wednesday, 6 May 2015

In the end we all are one

Alone he suffered when sick,

Pains he endured,

Tears he wept,

Were all his,

Hoping alone keeping quiet,

Surrendering to what fate stores,

He breathed his last,

Not knowing that there are many,

Who sighs and cry,

For what he has gone through,

The truth,

Which is same for all,

Will catch us all,

Sooner or later,

We will be one like him,

In memories,

Of some,

Fading as time flies.

who is free one who died or one alive

Waiting for his time to come,

We all were there,

In lush green lawns of hospital,

Time and again,

Doctors came with the list of medicines they prescribe,

He was there in machines,

Battling for life,

Breathing easily in and out,

The air....

Which they pumped in him,

Pulse normal beating perfect,

Chances of survival,

As Doctors say minimal,

We pray for him,

Early recovery from the shackles of machines around,

He being alone there,

With pain subsidised in killers they gave,

Looking back with dew in his eyes,

Thinking of times goneby,

He Quit,

As he wanted to be free,

From the chaos around which,

The chatter patter of machines,

Curious eyes of naives made,

Holding him back,


From breaking the barriers,

Now as he is gone,

Question remains....

Who is free.

He or We

Monday, 4 May 2015

Woman an Inspiration

She never dies as she is a hope always alive in the eyes of those left behind.

She is emotions sublime, expressions aloud,

Woman is rain for parched dreams,

She is a receiver of pains, who never complaint,

She holds the seed to fulfill the need,

She creates,

What humanity aspires,

She is mother forever, forgive and forget,

As made by God,

She stays  as an image of his,

Love and compassion,

Passion of perfection,


As seen  and felt is an inspiration for many.