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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Those who dare

Only those,

Who dare to tread,

Take a leap high,

Move ahead and leave all behind,

Feel the sunshine,

Leave darkness remorselessly behind,

Those who dream,

Fly high,

With their wings spread wide,

They realise,

The distant treasure of light,


 They let the flame,

Of hope dim in their life,

Always the quest for more,

Explore their minds,

Throughout their life,

With the spark in their eyes.

They keep going,

Till they set new heights.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Live in Now

Listen or,

Speak to if you can,

If you want to do it,

Do it now,

Now is the chance,

Next moment ,

You may not have a choice,

Smile or,

Wipe a tear if you can,


wait for none,


And act today,


You may not be there,

To see it happen,

Ask for forgiveness,


Forgive if you can,

Next moment,

Could be the last one,

Act now,

Or you may not get chance,

To make amends again.

Don't wait till tomorrow,

As we  live in today,

Make your day,

Mend your ways,

Decision is yours,

Live now,

As often Again never come.