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Saturday, 29 November 2014

unfulfilled love

She waited for him who never came,

She looked at the door which he never knocked ,

He was busy in his goals,

Investing time in strategic planning,

Having left with little or no time,

For the commitments he made in love,

Occasionally he assured her,

With the Love,

But busy to make future bright,

For the family of future,

Which he will lead,

Never ceded the Secret,

Or came to be with her.

She waited for him,

At nights alone

Sleepless she rolled,

Like a bride,

In Silence studded jewels,

She soaked sheets,

With sore eyes,

Fixed her gaze on the door,

Which he never opened,

On the  love laced canvas of life,

She had his name engraved,

Which even the time couldn't erase,

But he eluded her.

Meeting her in horizon,

He was an illusion,

Filling the emptiness within,

Of together but apart,

He never came ever,

To share her woes of separation,

For years she seeked him,

Treasured him whole life,

In the pangs of love stretched life,


Now she is dead,

With her eyes still open,

As If waiting for someone,

For whom she died years ago.

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