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Saturday, 4 October 2014


This is all money,

They  checked my pockets

All for money

Weighted me for my bank balance,

Then they call me,

Showered with all love,

As they found money in my ginny;

Damn this money,

Damn this money,

O my cutie pie,

O my sweetie,

Let me give you honey,

As you have money,

O my sunny,

Let's make sun bright,

You come here,

Together we lighten up sky,

No dear,

It's money  baby

Which make you call me honey,

Damn this money

Damn this money,

 As I don't have any,

They have taken all honey,

All my relations gone

Made me sorry figure

In front of many

O my god save me

Save me,

from the penny eaters

Who call,

Money is love,

And love a money.

Damn money

Damn money

Thursday, 2 October 2014

No hate today

All sorts of wrong,

And hate was for us,

Never let,

Love blossom in our heart,

Never they wipe our tears,

Nor they console,

When ever they came,

Gave all sort of pain,

Played with emotions,

For their own sake,

They let us down,

All sort of spiteful remarks,

Defame was for us,

Yes our heart bleeds,

Make us cry,

Never did they console,

Or ever try to harmonise,


Forgive all those who hate,

Hate has no ground,

It devour peace,

Hate stinks,

Let it flow and go,

Let us be one again,

Atleast for today;

Why don't we shun,

All hate,

No spite all respite,

Love all hate none,

ILLUMINATES all darkness,

Atleast for today,

Wipe some tears,

Make some smile,

Atleast for today,

Forget all hate showered,

love all those who hate,

For today,

To pave way for beautiful


No hate be our faith.

              we have VALENTINE DAY, MOTHER DAY AND FATHER DAY and many more days like this.If we can days for all occasions and relations, then why can not we have ONE DAY IN YEAR WHICH IS CELEBRATED AS NO HATE DAY. 


Dead but alive

Trampling hearts,

Trebling troubles,

By all means they are mean,

Call them dead while alive,

No mobility, no flexibility,

Dead to emotions,

As they squeeze all ease,

Call them dead while alive.

Money and fame

Is their only aim,

To get to what they long for,

They tame many,

Call them dead while alive.

Never they lean to listen,

What heart says,or

Wipe a tear,

To make some smile,

Their only expression is suppression,

No feel no heal,

All hurts ,

A passion which they enshrine,

Yes they seems so ,

But are not alive,

Call them dead.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

But you never called me

Why you never called me,

I was there,

Always longing for you,

In moonlit nights,

Under the star studded sky,

Strolling with emptiness high,

I missed you

But you never called me.

You never came to say Good bye,

From miles you smiles,

To make me cry,

But you never called me.

Wish you be mine

In this life time,

Be with me all time,

Making me smile,

Let then heavens be mine


Not even once,

You came near to wish me smile,

I was waiting for your call

But you never called me.


When river of words,

Silently flows,

In the sea of expressions,

Tides of emotions are high,

Poem is born

when in mother's lullaby,

Child sleep,

In the lap of hope,

Flower blossom,

 poem is born.

When rain comes singing,

sun kisses the leaves,

Poem is born

When night bathes in moonbeam,

And sun shows the way,

Poem is born.

When we miss a kiss,

Tossing in pain,

Longs for love,

Poem is born.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

you made me smile

You made me smile,

When you are near,

Holding me tight,

 made me feel,

All love,

You have for me

Warmth we share,

In chill of night,

You made me smile,

Whole night,

Way you walk,

Way you talk,

Gives me spark,

In my eyes,

You made me smile,

I can feel,

How you feel when,

You give me smile,

All love in your eyes,

Make  me smile .

Every moment,

in my thoughts,

In my dreams,

You are there whole time,

You made me smile,

Blessed I feel,

To have you in my life,

You made me smile.

Monday, 29 September 2014

call me when. Awake

Last night,

As you were asleep,

I was awake,

Lost in your thoughts,

Waiting for you

To greet  me again,

Up from your dreams

And be with me again,

As you tossed up in bed

Playing with crinkles,

Blessed I feel

To have you in my life,


Contours of fate,

Urgency of time

Made us apart,

But distance of place

Pranks of fate,

Can not make,

Us part our ways,

Give me a call,

As I am just a call away,

All in my dreams,

All in my thoughts

You are there,

In every moment.

Call me when. Awake

As I am just a call away.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

one again

Trust me,

I miss you,

I want,

No money,

No physicality,

Nothing material,

I just want you,

To be one,

With me on emotional plain,

Love me for,

I am the one,

Who silently shares,

All your fears,

Forsake all your tears,

And smile,

In the name of love,

forgive and be forgiven.

Let's come together,

To share treasure of love,

And hammer all ego,

And be one again,

Knowing that love is eternal,

We all are one,

In cosmic consciousness.