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Saturday, 4 October 2014


This is all money,

They  checked my pockets

All for money

Weighted me for my bank balance,

Then they call me,

Showered with all love,

As they found money in my ginny;

Damn this money,

Damn this money,

O my cutie pie,

O my sweetie,

Let me give you honey,

As you have money,

O my sunny,

Let's make sun bright,

You come here,

Together we lighten up sky,

No dear,

It's money  baby

Which make you call me honey,

Damn this money

Damn this money,

 As I don't have any,

They have taken all honey,

All my relations gone

Made me sorry figure

In front of many

O my god save me

Save me,

from the penny eaters

Who call,

Money is love,

And love a money.

Damn money

Damn money