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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Old dreams

Glow in his eyes searching for some respite,

Stick in his hand, that old man 

Guarding building 

Hoping against time For

Time to change

Though days numbered

Out of slumber dreams

He still wish to be fulfilled

Walking taking a stalk

Fumbled when he talk

That old man whom I saw today

Is still not letting the spirit die.

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Make my city green

I have a dream to mend the past

Make my city green

Woods around, shade of green

Wiff of air fresh as morning dew,

I want all back of my dream..

All green where birds perch on trees

Little Sparrow chirp, butterflies flutter wings

I want every window of my city 

Have radiance of trees, brilliance of green

Humming of cuckoo,peck of woodpecker

I want to see

Rains kissing the leaves,

Sunbeam gleam through leaves

Before touching carpet of my city  green,

I wish 

we all breathe again

Air permulated by breathe of tree

In my city  green.