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Saturday, 27 September 2014

agony of labour

Millions they reap

From the land they keep,

But never tried to feel,

Nor ever they heal,

Agony of labour they keep,

Nor they peep,

In the life full of grief,

Nor they see,

How they live in creeks,

Where air never flows free,

Being in captivity,

Coercived  isolated exploited,

In the hands of unscrupulous,


Half naked bodies,

Starched in sun beam,

With age catching fast,

Tied in bonds,

For generations,

See how fate seals,

Their dreams,

They need,

To bleed in heat,

No relief all grief,

No sighs or whiff of air,

The boat of captive labour,


In the sea of greed,


मां की लोरी सुन,

जब कोई बच्चा सोता है,

आशा के दामन में,

जब कोई फुल खिलता है,

कविता जन्म लेती,

मन को भाती है।

बारिश भी जब,

छम छम आती है,

पतो से छन छन,

कर धुप जब धरती को चुमती  है,

कविता जन्म लेती,

मन को भाती है।

चंदा की चॉदनी मे,

जब रात नहाती है,

सूरज की पहली किरण,

जब राह दिखाती है,

कविता जन्म लेती,

मन को भाती है।

मिलन को तरसी बुद॔ को,

जब सीप मिल जाती है,

आचमन को तरसे होठो की ,

प्यास जब जग जाती है,

कविता जन्म लेती,

मन को भाती है।

शब्दो की  सरिता,

जहां निशब्द बहती है,

भावनाओं की तरंगे,

उफान पर होती है,

कविता जन्म लेती,

मन को भाती है।

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heart speaks

Life running in your veins,

Emotions you cherish,    

All tears and moist eyes,

Smile on your lips,

I beat in you,

I bleed for you,

All there,

Throughout your life,

Share  care,

All the ups and downs,

Of your life,

Gloomy moments I wept,

For you, and,

Smiles when you bloom,

I beat in,

Bleed for you,

All there,

Throughout your life,

I am there inside,

What you seek outside,

The peace and love,

I embalm all your hurts,

Enshrine love which you breathe,

I beat in,

Bleed for you,

All there,

Throughout your life,

I long for you,

Belongs to you,

All yours,

I beat in,

Bleed for you,

All there,

Throughout your life.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

unknown friend

unknown friend

Far from mystery,

In the land of history,

An unknown friend,

Who cares for me,

Writes to me,

That my friend,

Unknown faces,

Unknown voices,

Can also have a relation,

And share a passion,

What if we haven't seen,

Or share a scene ,

But still my friend,

In our own part,

Before we depart,

For peace sake,

We can make,

An effort,

To comfort,

And Make this world this better place,

To give all soul solace,

And let divine light,

In every sight,

This way,

We all be one,

In the realm of God,

What if we haven't met,

My unknown friend.


you are there All Time

In the light of day

I see you

In the moonlit nights

I feel you,

You are there with me,

All night,

All time,

In rain,

in sunshine,

In the air,

I breathe,

All there,

All here,

You are everywhere,

In blooming flowers,

 dancing waters

All place,

All see,

Twinkling hope of all eyes,

You are in all smiles,

All spark,

All shine,

In glorious past,

Glittering future,

You are there in,

All gone,

All life,

Moving shadows,

And shades of life,

You are there,

All soul,

All solace,

In colours so bright,

Sorrows so deep,

You are there,

All fair,

All care,

Hold me tight,

As you are mine,

All time,

All night,

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Eternal Romance

Your love and care,

O Pure hearted Angel,

Will not let me sleep,

If somehow I sleep,

I dream of you,

O my Angel,

Sleep or no sleep,

I will be lost in you,

I wish to be there,

Where you are,

But for that,

I have to take my heart out,

As you live in my heart,

In my thoughts,

I can hear you,

Singing a song of love,

I can see you,

Dancing in ecstasy,

O my Angel,

I thank you,

For this,

Eternal romance.

Divine love

I have never seen ,

You before,

Nor do I will,

Ever see you,

I never heard,

Your voice,

Nor do I will,

Ever hear you,

But like a light,

You are there,

In my thoughts,

You come to me ,

In my dreams,

To soothe,

My pains,

Like a cool breeze,

I can feel you,

In my breath,

You are there,


In every inch of my life,

But still,

I can't ,

Give this relation,

A name,

As naming it,

Will be defaming it,

They call you,

Gave you,

Different names,

But to me,

You are love,


To make me shine,

In the light,

Of your presence,

Which is everywhere.

    You are love and only love.

Monday, 22 September 2014

I seek you

O my friend,

From the plane unknown,

You are light,

So bright,

Too divine,


Creation of heart,

Who never fault,

Pure at heart,

Always there,

In my thoughts,

I talk to you,

In trance,

To seek you,

And your blessings,

I pray,

Day and night,

As I know,

You are there,

Always near,

Never far,

I am ,

Wandering soul,

Lost in illusion,

Enshrine me,

With your unfalling love,

Hold me,

With your grace,

Bless me to partake,

Your precepts,

O my friend,

I seek you with all my heart