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Sunday, 21 December 2014


In the name of religion,

In every region,

No matter,

What is the season,

Day or Night,

They are out brandishing their guns,

Feeding hate,

Avenge and vengeance,

Spilling blood,

Leaving mounds of dead,

They proclaim to have taken revenge,

Not even once,

Before pressing the trigger,

Fingers tremble,

In the quest for heaven,

They crave for blood,

Hatred , A seed.....

Feeding their soul,

Made them kill thousands,

Who are no one,

But Human...

Soft target which they need,

To satiate the appetite,

Of those,

Who made them so,

A tyrant,

Cruel in  deeds,

Dead in emotions,

Killing like a machine,

No matter,

Whom they kill.

But they will....