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Monday, 22 December 2014


Leaving a trail of blood,

Killings all over,

With sound of cries,

In world full of filthy minds,

Nothing saves us,

Except you,

O JESUS we need you

We need you again.

Save us from doom,

Like cutting edge of knife,

Which always loom..... over our head,

Living in fear,

We fail to tread,

Only you can save us,

O JESUS we need you,

We need you again.

We weep alone,

Come and dab our tears,

Give us solace,

In this world full of disgrace,

We pray to you,

O JESUS we need you,

We Need you again.

Take us away to some quiet place,

Away from this restless world,

Make us faultless,

To be their in front of you sinless,

Give us your hand,

We want to live in your glory,

O JESUS we need you,

We need you again.

All times to come,

Guide us on the path of truth and grace,

In the magnificent voyage,

To eternal romance,

Communion with GOD,


Be with us like before,

We call you in chorus,

O JESUS we need you,

We need you again.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


In the name of religion,

In every region,

No matter,

What is the season,

Day or Night,

They are out brandishing their guns,

Feeding hate,

Avenge and vengeance,

Spilling blood,

Leaving mounds of dead,

They proclaim to have taken revenge,

Not even once,

Before pressing the trigger,

Fingers tremble,

In the quest for heaven,

They crave for blood,

Hatred , A seed.....

Feeding their soul,

Made them kill thousands,

Who are no one,

But Human...

Soft target which they need,

To satiate the appetite,

Of those,

Who made them so,

A tyrant,

Cruel in  deeds,

Dead in emotions,

Killing like a machine,

No matter,

Whom they kill.

But they will....