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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Name love

Hold me in the cage,

Of your arms,

Me whom you call Sage,

Let me lie there for rest of my age,

Your embrace assuage,

Like a pilgrimage,

From Years of siege,

Of Time and distance voyage,

Separating me from you like alienage,

Me whom you call SAGE,

In the ethereal epiphany of gaze,

Radiant glow on your face,

Urges like flame,


To behold the ripples,

Touch of trickles,

Caress of your fingers,

On my back as you embrace,

Me whom you call SAGE

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Make me yours I belong to you

Take me along as I long for you,

Make me yours, I belong to you,

Thought of you don't let me sleep,

I dream of you, in all my dreams.

Make me yours as I belong to you

Hold my hand ,draw me close,

Put your arms,hug me tight

Make me yours as I belong to you.

Close your eyes, see me through

All time whole life,

Make me yours as I belong to you.

You be one whom I seek,

Hoping for, I open the door,

Of my heart,

Come close explore me,

Make me yours as I belong to you.

Put your hands on my heart,

Feel the love my heart beats for,

Make me yours as I belong to you.

(C)sandeep khosla