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Thursday, 22 January 2015


"Honey"money will make me dance,

For you,

Till you rain money,

I will hold you,

Won't let you go,

"Money O Honey"

Is all what I need,

I am all yours,

For I know nothing,

Only money,

Give me more,

Take me to shore,

Will bare all for you,

Till you give money,

Make me you mare,

Drive me the way you like,

But give me money,

"HONEY ......"

Money. ..

is what I need,


For me is a game,

More you get,

If you win me with...


This is all,

What I have to say,

Stay in or out,

Till you drop,


In your wallet,

Don't take me wrong,

When I say,

"Money O Honey"

As without money,

Lot is for sale,

One needs it,

To feed the seed,

Those little innocent cries,

I can't see with my eyes,

I need money for them,

Yes, you right,

Money can't buy me peace or sleep,

Same goes when I don't have any....

"Money O Honey"

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