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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pray to seek him

He is there all around,

In and around,

Weaving his love,

For us to feel him around,
We have to shed,

All ifs and buts,

And surrender to his will,

To be at peace,

We must seek him,

Shunning all desires,

Sacrificing all whims,

Leaving to him,

Our life's chariot,

Let him take,

Where he wants us to be,

What he wants us to be,

communion with him,

Is the Goal of life,

Pray from the core of your heart,

God be with me all the time,

Through thick and thin,

Guide me,

Lest I go astray,

Let me always contend for the contentment

Which your love give.

Friday, 14 November 2014


You touched my heart,

When you first open your eyes,

When you were there in my arms,

Made me proud father,

Cuddling; held my finger,

You made me smile,

With your first smile.

I remember the day you called me DAD,

When you cried,

Holding me tight;

You said, Don't go, be with me.

Your first day in school;

Holding my tears,

I left you crying,

I know you were sad,

But me being your DAD,

Had to leave you,

To made you shine in life.

When you grew up,

Wise enough to face challenges,

I wanted you to be with me,

But couldn't, for your life.

The day you got married,

You were leaving me alone,

With tears in my eyes,

I wished all the bliss for you,

You hugged me,

To tell me,

DAD don't  be sad,


I have to go.

Now in the dusk of my life,

Counting my days,

Breathing uneasily,

Fighting for life unceasingly,

You are here withme on my bedside,

As if saying; DAD,don't go,

But, my dear Daughter,

Hold your tears,

Remember the years,

The time;which we had together,

Smiles which you shared with me,

But,for now let me go,

As I have to,

But I will always be there,

In your heart,

Pulsating all my love,

Which I have for you.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why they tease me?

They come and tease me,

They come and preach me,

They come and leave me,

This is how they treat me;

For them life is a game,

Playing with my mind and soul,

Never they leave me at peace,

Shattering and teasing my soul,

They leave me alone.

They betray my soul,

Leaving me bruised,

Putting in a hole,

Leave me terrified,

I seek to find out,

What made  them act?

The way they act,

Why they seize?

The moment of peace,

Why they tossed me?

Leaving me with all the pain and tease.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

As I Grow Old

As I grow old,
Hairs go gray, shoulders droop,
crinkled face,toothless grip,
move not so poise,
made me realize, I am aged.

Words fumble, nerves go numb,
Agility lost,Vibrancy gone,
Whispering whistles as I hear,
Make me fear the days to come,

All the false soft looks gone,
In the ashes of time memories fume,
Days starts with nothing to be done,
To counsel is the best I presume,
Can I do, in this age,

All the prime gone,
As I become fugitive of time,
Best pastime is time,
Little left and too much to pass,
Like a ripen fruit,
I can fall anytime;
To bid adieu to desires and wishes,
All illusions and delusions,
To be with one,
Who is mine,
So divine,
One and Only,