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Friday, 14 November 2014


You touched my heart,

When you first open your eyes,

When you were there in my arms,

Made me proud father,

Cuddling; held my finger,

You made me smile,

With your first smile.

I remember the day you called me DAD,

When you cried,

Holding me tight;

You said, Don't go, be with me.

Your first day in school;

Holding my tears,

I left you crying,

I know you were sad,

But me being your DAD,

Had to leave you,

To made you shine in life.

When you grew up,

Wise enough to face challenges,

I wanted you to be with me,

But couldn't, for your life.

The day you got married,

You were leaving me alone,

With tears in my eyes,

I wished all the bliss for you,

You hugged me,

To tell me,

DAD don't  be sad,


I have to go.

Now in the dusk of my life,

Counting my days,

Breathing uneasily,

Fighting for life unceasingly,

You are here withme on my bedside,

As if saying; DAD,don't go,

But, my dear Daughter,

Hold your tears,

Remember the years,

The time;which we had together,

Smiles which you shared with me,

But,for now let me go,

As I have to,

But I will always be there,

In your heart,

Pulsating all my love,

Which I have for you.