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Monday, 31 August 2015

In the abode of God

Between five to seven

I am in heaven

In the abode of God,

Where people come,

Bow to share their vows,

I am there,

With my own set of woes,

As it is only there,

Sins got spared,

Keeping flame of faith to flicker,

Like many...

I too go...

In the abode of God

Offering the offers,

People come and go,

Only he knows,

Hearts of many in rows,

Mean or keen,

Where Thoughts flows,

Never did any head which rolls,

In devotion,

Comes with emptiness above.

I too go. .In the abode of God,

As what sizzles in my thoughts,

Is the reason that,

Only my God knows,

Knows good or bad...

Plans which I make with drifting mind,

Reason that he will decide,

Me sublimely accept,

Accept what is enstore,

I too go..Till he purpose,

In the abode of God,

Temple for many, heaven for me,

I bow sublimely.

sandeep khosla