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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Goodbye Classroom


Summers are back

Vacations are on,

Stay at home,

Play in shade,

Fun when the day ends

Pick the books when sunshine outside,

Learn more,

Come out bright

When the vacations end

With memories and moments to share

Happy Summer Vacation

(c) sandeep khosla

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

summer vacation - for kids

Quilts gone coolers on

Summers are back

Vacations call

We are at home

No more bags or

Early to rise


Our teacher says

Be wise

Play when sunsets

Till then

Take out your books

And learn and revise

Our teacher

Says catch the moments

Live up to your parents expectations

Learn while you play

As life is an open book,

Come up fresh

When you are back

After vacations

With memories to cherish

Knowledge to share.


भूगोल ही बदल दिया,

भूगर्भ से आए जलजले ने,

दीवारें सब गिर रही थी,

कंपकपाई जब धरती थी,

चारों तरफ खुन ही खुन था।

माटी भी  हुई लाल थी,

मलबे मे जो दबे थे,

ना वो हिन्दू ना मुस्लमान थे,

इनसान बिलख रहे थे, पल पल मर रहे थे।

दुध की इक बुंद को बच्चे तरस रहे  थे,

माऔ की गोदी मे लाल बिलख रहे थे।

यहां धुल के बवंडर उठ रहे थे,

वहां वीरानो मे धुएं जल रहे थे।

साथ ना जाने कितनो के छूटे थै,

राख और खाक कई हो गये थे।

धरती जब कांपी  थी,रिश्ते बिखर गए थे,

साथी ना जाने  कितनो के बिछड गए थे।

यह पहले भी हुआ  है  शायद आगे भी होगा,

जलजले भुंकप आते रहे गे।

माटी  से तु बना, उमीदो पर खडा है,

इनसान गिर कर कई बार उठा है।

मालिक को मंजूर यही था,

यह जानकर मानकर आगे बढा चल।

wish be there where you are

I wish I be there,

Where you are,

I wish,

I be there near you,

Gazing in your eyes,

To seek,

What you have deep within,

Love for all,

I wish

I have a drop of that,

I wish all your fears be mine,

You just rhyme,

The song of love,

I long for you,

As you care,

Where others fail,

You are an Angel,

I wish to see,


In person or in lines which you make in a frame,

I wish and wish,

I be there where you are

Monday, 27 April 2015

love now forever

You make me believe,

That you are everything to me,

A Miracle,

So cute happening in my life,

Wish you always be there,

Quiet like a fire,

Flaming my desires,

O my Love,

Never forget to whisper deep in my heart,


Which you have for me,

All I ask,

Hold me tight,

Now and forever,


Sunday, 26 April 2015


In the elegance of quietude,

Tintinnabulations of silence,

Stir the cauldron of heart,

And feelings to pop,

Tears to roll,


Pause for a while in eternal bliss,

In sublime silence dream of being free,

Fluttering wings,

Soaring high in sky,

Touching unknown heights,

Consciously pick and choose,

Grandeur in sight,

Add strength, .

Quiet strength in your life.