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Friday, 19 December 2014

Mother's Cry

O my son,
You promised me ,
That you will shine like a SUN,
Lighten my path,
With your radiance and glow,
Love me with your warmth,

O my son,
After lot of penance,,
I got you in my lap,
You were my hope,
Answer to my prayers,

O my son,
You made me feel complete,
A Mother,
Brimming with love,

O my son,
I curse the day,
Morning of winter,
When in chill around,
I sent you to school.

Little did I knew,
That will be my last day,
With you,And
End of hope,
Which I see in your eyes.

O my son,
I never knew,
That they will come searching for you,
In the name of religion,
Spray bullets,Spill blood
Leave you dead there,
In the smoke of fire.

O my son,

For no reason,

In the name of religion,

They Spilled your blood,

Lying you under the heap,

Leaving me in tears,

Snatching you....

Your life,

Leaving me lifeless,

For whole life to come.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Never ending love

Beauty lies in,

Holding hands ,

Looking in eyes,

For hours together,

Sitting with grace,


No loud words,


In the beauty of silence,

Gazing at stars,

In wintery nights,

Feeling cosy,

In the warmth of kiss,

Live in a moment.....

Like a fairytale,

Loving passionately,

In the fire of desire,

Of Being one,

Living love,

In the hope of meeting again,

Beneath the stars,

In moonlit nights,

Melting desires...

Of never ending love. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Will you tonight,

For one more time,

Switch off the light,

And sleep beside. ...



Limits well defined,

One more time........

Will you...

Kiss me sweet,

With lips so soft,

And let me drink the nectar,


Like everynight......

Embrace me with grace,

To fill the space,

Between you and me,

To end the craves,

For curvaceous arcs,

Which I sight,

In light so bright......

Of fiery desire,

Fire inside,

Want you near,

For a joy ride,

Which love drives,

One more time,


Like everynight. .....

Monday, 15 December 2014

one forever

Holding hand in hand,

Far from the prying eyes of people around,

Let's go in a place where Noone comes,


Where only silence speaks,

Let's sit together in an embrace,

Listening to the thumping of heart,

Where whispers echo in air,

Darkness around ....

Shadows disappear,

Entwined in arms,

Let the love sweat out,

All emotions..


To fill the space,


love shines,

To redefine,

Cries of heart....

We are one. .

One forever;