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Monday, 6 June 2016

From Earth to Mars-love Story

Million miles for months
He travelled alone,
With conviction 
Full of hope
From earth to mars
With roaring of  shuttle,
Landed on rubble of Mars
After months of journey
In a cubicle....
Explorer as he was
First man to ever put 
His feet on Mars
Walked few steps for a feel 
Fulfilment of dream,
Making a place to rest and stretch
Next few days went in texting
Those who were in touch,
On a land which he,
What he saw and felt,
In awe even the dusty storms
Looked  beauty incarnated,
Carried  on happily  in sense of achievement, 
Had  everything  for survival,
But not for ever,
Need to work fast,
Before resources go dry ,
Throat cry, turn back in shuttle, 
For journey back,
Time prefixed,for turnaround
Controlled from far,
He was just to sit n relax,

Wait and watch,
In shuttle as it flies back,
Collected samples of rock and soil,
Photos of storms 
Sound of  dust thrashing carving
Riverine valleys
Rested for few nights on Mars,
In designed hut,
Often talked  to those whom he loved
In dreary sleep, 
Time to move back approached
Setting his feet in shuttle 
Bidding MARS
Control snapped shuttle stranded,
Till  signals commands accepted,
Waited for somewhile...
He stepped out in 
Hope for catching up soon,
A gadget in hand.... between  shuttle and him
He moved around
Exploring Mars...
For life if there is any, Month passed,
Iosing fast whatever he had,
For life to sustain,
Felling down one day
Out of  distrust thirst
Something ,
Call it magic or divine hand
Zooming in what looks like star

A shuttle from different plain
Touched the once untouched Dusty murky sphere of Mars

He was still lost in unconscious sleep, 
Not knowing what is going around,
Haze settled as cauldron ship
Opened. .
Few steps dissented....
Moving as if were before too..
Visited Mars...
Like an angel picked him up, 
Made him snuff the scented concotion,
He opened his eyes to find himself,
Among faces unknown, 
....Aliens allied....but faces belied
As face he had, image he made on earth,
Differs from what he saw,
no murky faces or scaled skin
But faces and figures especially carved,
Beauty indeed, perfection achieved
Soon out of trance he was carried by them,
As they carried him, he looked 
In awe.... the charm they had,
Beauty of eyes...
....for the one whom he saw first
A girl...trickling ripples in him
Dripped in love he felt one, 
Forgetting all he had on earth,
He was just lost in sense of what was
Going around,
They took him in chamber full of light
Scanned out curiosity what differ between ...

That girl took charge...holding his hands, murmured 
Words made no sense ....
....for to what they the ALIENS ...SPOKE...

Glistened eyes convey....
..without uttering a word
Love plummets at first sight,
He wanted to say...hold me dear
..freeze the moments. ..
..curiosity ends ...chamber opened 
He was taken out ....
....something made him feel fresh
They took him in different corner of ship...
With that girl behind he was looking around..
Next few days..went in strolling around..Mars,
As love developed...
Girl from unknown land  too felt in love,
They shared the sublime sunset ,
Beautiful dunes....Mars bestowed, 
Love is ethereal
Reality revealed. .love is supreme,
An emotion which needs no word for expression,
When in love , all beyond and behind is worthless
What was elusive for him,
Like a journey of miles,
Was no more a dream,
In her he found the music never heard,
Smile of her was  dripping once parched ears,
He was in love ever sought,
Wished to be with her for all time to come,
....and then, if for him she was fulfillment, 

For her he was desire,
Fire of fiery desire was there, 
Fulfillment of desire 
Dampened in love..
She felt the trickling of love, 
Locked lips wanted their bodies clampened...hand in hand for millions of miles ahead..

Love indeed made her need..
Whispers of his breathe...playing music ..
and then....
One day call from Earth a beep....
Signals retrieved ....time to go back...
Adieu Mars came ,
Call of earth...
no turnaround what he wanted,
Few steps towards past.. his cubicle, 
Link between,
Where he didn't want to be,
Stopped for a while  hesitatingly,
Looked ahead for life full of LOVE,

Opened the DOOR to break all the links . ..threw his gadget
In cubicle,
Never to step in. .
Moved back,
To be with one in whom he found LOVE,
With smile on his face he moved ahead for life,
Where love bloom seamless,  boundless.