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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Share The Secret

I wish to peep deep in your life,

To unveil and reveal,

What is behind the veil,

And bare all which is there,

The Secret,

Which you fear to share.

I wish you not to conceal,

But reveal The Secret;

Creeping scars,

Shades of past,

In which you recast,

The thoughts,

I wish you to rewind,

To share what's there in your mind,

Fragments of your past,

Pigments of your doubts,

Piercing pain of tears,

In your eyes,

I wish you not to fear,

But to trust, and,

Whisper your Secret,

To make you clear,

And light up your heart,

To Live life to full.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

We have role to play

In the reel of life,

We have a role to play,

But before that,

We have choice to made;

To create a chance,

Out of good or bad,

We have to pick,

What suits us fine,

From choice to chance,

In calmness of caution,

We have to put our feet down,

Shun all fears,

And move in direction,

To justify the role,

We choose to play;

Play in a manner,

Which others admire,

Now and Then,

When we are,

On or off the screen,

Of life.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Good or bad,

Moods sway between the two,

Like sunless sky moonlit night,

Glittering stars up there in sky,

Moods flicker,

With changing sight.

A slight hint of distant cry,

Tears flow,

To pulsates with moments,

Like desultory bird in sky.

In slurry of emotions,

Scurry of feelings,

Moods go awry,

Dipping low,

Eyes become teary.

Feeling entrapped,

As if in cage,

Wants to break shackles,

To fly high in sky,

Moods swing between good or bad,

Till moments pass and die