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Saturday, 10 January 2015


When you scream,

Shout loud,

Asking for help,

And noone comes,

No helping hand,

Not even a plain voice,

To give you some solace.

When eyes peek,

From windows left ajar,

Fear and tears rule,

Success too far,

Don't lose hope,

Just Hold your breath,

Let the storm within settle,

To make a move,

To come out of soup,

Holding hope like a rope,

Keeping in mind,

That hopeless are those,

Who are no more,

Chance and choice,

Is for those,

Who Breathe in and out,

Facing fears dabbing tears,

Toiling for years,

Never losing hope,

Mustering  courage,

 Pave the unpaved,

Till they get what they want.

For they are one....

Who never give in..