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Thursday, 9 July 2015

I feel the pain

I can feel the pain,
Pain in my heart,
Being so far,

Far from you,
Tears I shed,
For separation which distance made,
Between you and me.

I have no wings to fly,
Fly to come to you,
I mourn in oblivion,
As my Heart cries....

Seeking you,
You and love.

I can feel the pain

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It was raining all over,

When I saw you first on a sea shore,

Dancing before,

Like a mermaid does in oceanic depths,

Swaying hips moving hands,

Trickling the ripples on the sea shore,

Dancing in rain on sand snow,

Aubourn hairs dripping pearls like one from ocean fresh,

Glistening white which you can't hide,

Curves you move arcs you have,

Mermaid on shore,

You Made me sigh on first sight,

To have you must,

In my life.

Love dripping from your sensuous lips,

I wriggle for every strip,

As weary waves subsides touching your toes,

My heart throbs on every move you make,

How can I hold!

What my eyes behold,

Years passed,

Since I saw you last,

But that sight of you when I saw you first,

Still flock my memories,

Every night I dream of you,

Dancing on shore,

Dripping  love,

Putting on fire,

Water around,

With love abound,

Seamless ,

You dance

In my dreams,

Like years before,

When I saw you first,

Way you smile,

Caress with eyes,

Moves so subtle and sublime,

Stay fresh in my mind,

I still go there,

Where I saw you once,

Dancing like mermaid,

Touching the shore,

Waves still roar to subside,

You are still fresh in memories,

Though my hairs go grey,

Wrinkles on my face,

I grow old to fade,


Imprinted on heart,

Face which time couldn't deface,

Time stand stills,

With each passing day,

Face which I always sought,

Never left me alone in my thoughts,

Name I never know

Relation I never had,

Remnants of that song,

Which you sang,

Lips locked,

On a sea shore,

Years ago,

Echoes of that,

Flickers in my mind,

Keeping hope alive,

That I will see you again,

One more time,

Before I close my eyes forever,

Love at first sight an insight,

Sight of you when I saw you first,

Remains enshrined enchanting,

The Song of love.

(C)Sandeep khosla