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Thursday, 7 January 2016


The untold story written centuries back is story of Zero. Which in itself is of no value but when comes along with some digit adds value or sucks up the importance. When zero is ahead of some digit it decreases the value and when marches along ot adds up value. Same way people in our lives increases or decreases value. Being human we are alone and value is of no importance unless we do not have people around. This is like the way we draw a line parallel to another line to make it seems longer than the other.

Zero is a character heroic or villainous  in nature by its placement. Place it before or after to see the difference. Yes, it is important to have zero which in itself when left alone is of no value but still it is not useless.. Numbers will bloat with Zeros behind..One Zero and value goes ten times higher another hundred times ,still other thousand times. This is the magic of Zero.

Same way we have people around seemingly valueless. Often we make mistake of taking them as useless. In reality nothing is useless though can be valueless when alone.Like in the case of Zero, Alone is of no value, Along is valuable.Leaders who govern the masses are those human beings who knew that crowd has no face but is made of faces..They capitalize on the fact that seemingly valueless faces adds up to value when brought along.

Quite around and silence abound makes us bloom. As we have space to grow.When out of solitude we have to find our way in the congested alleys of life.Those who gather up energy of quite within, knows the love and light within all. When they walk along with others they add up value in life around.

Tucked up in holes never they find a role-role which can make them roll in ecstasy. They are those who are otherwise ZERO seemingly useless which they are not, lost in the cocoon of self imposed exile. Story of ZERO is for these very people,success of ZERO is for these people to cherish and gulp up. If seemingly valueless can add up the value then why can't they.

ZERO is a circle of life engulfing us all.

Sandeep khosla

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Widow of a Soldier


On this shore, where life roar,

Tear tore as you soar,

High up somewhere in sky,

You are gone leaving me alone.

Pumping iron piercing armour,

Never you shiver or quiver,

Till a shell explode, blood flows,

Putting up,against all odds,

You are gone leaving me alone.

Never you sway from words you say,

Keeping the word,promise you made,

But for one, you made to me,

Before you left leaving me alone

Tears I weap,mellow me,

Memories of you ripe,

Time for me to confide,

That I am proud to be your wife,