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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I dream with open eyes,

Feel you as stars shining far,

Shed tears in thought of you,

Moments of ecstasy which we shared,

Don't let me sleep,

I dream,

Dream you close yet far,

Like Moon shining between the clouds,

Bathing me with beams,

I tossed in bed,

Thought of you won't let me sleep,

I dream,

Dream of you coming again,

Filling the space,

You created in my heart,

I dream,

Dream of your first sight,

Love sieving from your eyes,

Which I seek,

I dream,

Dream of you walking in,

Holding my hands like before,

I dream,

Dream of you,

Making a promise of sharing all,

What you hide behind the veil,

I dream,

Dream of you to be mine,

Till SUN SHINES and MOON smiles,

Amidst the STARS in sky.