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Saturday, 16 August 2014

call me

     Call me back

When you need me

Only distance of place separate us


In depth of heart you and me are one

No doubt pangs of time played havoc with our lives

But I am not time which can't come back

Call me back

When you need me most

Forget all the wrongs done to you

Despair and depression are things of past

No more tears, no more dewy eyes,

Let all be mine

Sparkle and glow is all yours

As good time is back

Call me back

When you need me most   

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

when in bad times

What happens,

When shackles of bad times pinned you,

For everyone you are no one,

Neither in prayers nor in fairs,

Neither in thoughts nor in dreams,

You have no place,

No room for solace,

When in bad times,

All men will doubt and blame,

oppourtunities will cease

And life freeze,

Hatred and lies will be all yours,

When in bad times,

If you can keep yourself aloof,

Of all lies and foes,

Keep cool and count your blessings,

And have WILL to sustain,

Then bad times will pass,

And let you be man.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

tree is no more

            That tree is no more,

            underneath which we spend hours,

            sharing and caring,

            That tree is no more,

            Which saved us from,

            scroaching sunlight,

            dazzle and drizzle,

            All that is gone,


            shadow and shade are one,

            is no more,

            blooming flowers,vibrant leaves,

            wandering birds chirping sparrows,

            are gone,

            trail of frail looking old men,

            curiosity and experience,

            Are no more,

            Standing of years,

            Fruits of preseverence,

           That tree is no more.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

silence speaks


                            SILENCE SPEAKS

When we will meet after ages,

We won,t utter a word,

In silence,

Lay in arms of each other for hours together,

Let words sweat and whiff of air be silence,

In the moment of silence,

As we lay embracing each other,

We will let the scars of separation be gone,

In the purity of silence,

Far from wrong and right doing,

We will convey ,

How much we meant to eachother,

And ,