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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

As I Grow Old

As I grow old,
Hairs go gray, shoulders droop,
crinkled face,toothless grip,
move not so poise,
made me realize, I am aged.

Words fumble, nerves go numb,
Agility lost,Vibrancy gone,
Whispering whistles as I hear,
Make me fear the days to come,

All the false soft looks gone,
In the ashes of time memories fume,
Days starts with nothing to be done,
To counsel is the best I presume,
Can I do, in this age,

All the prime gone,
As I become fugitive of time,
Best pastime is time,
Little left and too much to pass,
Like a ripen fruit,
I can fall anytime;
To bid adieu to desires and wishes,
All illusions and delusions,
To be with one,
Who is mine,
So divine,
One and Only,