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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

you are there All Time

In the light of day

I see you

In the moonlit nights

I feel you,

You are there with me,

All night,

All time,

In rain,

in sunshine,

In the air,

I breathe,

All there,

All here,

You are everywhere,

In blooming flowers,

 dancing waters

All place,

All see,

Twinkling hope of all eyes,

You are in all smiles,

All spark,

All shine,

In glorious past,

Glittering future,

You are there in,

All gone,

All life,

Moving shadows,

And shades of life,

You are there,

All soul,

All solace,

In colours so bright,

Sorrows so deep,

You are there,

All fair,

All care,

Hold me tight,

As you are mine,

All time,

All night,