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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Divine love

I have never seen ,

You before,

Nor do I will,

Ever see you,

I never heard,

Your voice,

Nor do I will,

Ever hear you,

But like a light,

You are there,

In my thoughts,

You come to me ,

In my dreams,

To soothe,

My pains,

Like a cool breeze,

I can feel you,

In my breath,

You are there,


In every inch of my life,

But still,

I can't ,

Give this relation,

A name,

As naming it,

Will be defaming it,

They call you,

Gave you,

Different names,

But to me,

You are love,


To make me shine,

In the light,

Of your presence,

Which is everywhere.

    You are love and only love.