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Sunday, 5 October 2014


I will do it tomorrow.This the punchline of middle aged romance.Tagged to get it better,

Thinking of this, at six in evening,

As I was coming home, got a call from my wife,"Honey where are you?".Coming home, I said .That's fine , but don't forget to bring two drawing sheets and one box of crayons. And before I could put my phone down, my wife on a second thought ordered me to bring cheese also.

        I was tired as if drugged. As It was my routine to get up at five on morning. And by six in the morning I have to catch train to reach my office, which is 120 km away.Normally I return back at 9 pm.

But as, Saturday is half day, I got free early, and reached back at six in evening. I had different plans for the night or perhaps for the weekend. But, this phone call made all my plans go awry.

'They also wants me back in time. They also wants to have fun time together.'As I was lost in these rosy thoughts buying drawing sheets , got another call from my wife."Where are you?". I told her that I am in market buying what she ordered me.

"Come home early,"another command which I couldn't defy.I finished buying all and rushed back lest I became the victim of gush of emotions.

Back at home, Innocence jumped and hugged me.I mean my two daughters. For them and perhaps  every child, father  is a hope.This made me feel fresh mentally if not physically.

But, from another corner my wife , mother of two daughters was staring as if trying to debug my hugs.I gave her a smile and went to sleep with a promise that I will do it tomorrow.

               middle aged romance wakes with a hope but ends up tired drugged in dream.