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Monday, 6 October 2014


In the dead of night,

You leave me wild,

As I seek you,

Seek you,

My heart cries,

In the mid of all,

You break my heart,

As you walked away,

My emotions sway,

In love of you,

My heart cries.

I feel alone,

In the tide of emotions,

As you leave,

In the gush of feel,

My heart cries.

Tears drop from my eyes,

As you go from my life,

Took all my smiles,

Deserted I feel,

My heart cries,

Reason you mean,

Have your own theme,


You made me scream,

Made me cry,

Don't go

My heart cries.

One more time,

Give me a chance,

Will never let you down,

Come back,

My heart cries,

Cries For You