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Thursday, 27 November 2014

For Dream You Chase

When vibes are wrong,
And life in awry,
No cherries,No fairies,
Only troubles to carry;
Never you show the fears,
or  tears.
Never let your heart cries,
Or other's see your moist eyes.

When you have no chance or choice to made,
Or smiles to share;
Never look for pity,
Or sympathy wave.

When nobody hears scream so loud,and
Words fails to answer your cry;
Never you crumble or fumble,
But hold your ground tight.

When days are dull and nights dark,
Life a hell;
Never you fell from the promises you made,

But light up to come up again,

When other's mock at you,and
let you down;
Never you surrender,
or quit.

Just wait,
And Aim a thought,
Pave the way,
To rise again from the ashes,
For the DREAM you chase.