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Thursday, 4 December 2014


Today you don't call me,

Recall me,

Tomorrow,if I am gone,

You will miss the moments and me together,

And have only memories to gather.

But won't be able to go back in time,

To unwind or mend the issues,

Between you and me,

Which make you squeeze,

In the cocoon,

Of your thoughts.

And won't be able to correct,

Only  waste to regret,

The moments gone,

Chance lost.

Why wait for unknown tomorrow?

Live now and not wait for next,

For the words unsaid or promises unkept,

Come, let's sit together and talk,

Say some words,

Share hopes shun fears,

Add some spark in life,

Before it is too late,

Come close to say,"you love me"

Only then,

When at the end of the day,

I close my eyes,

To say final goodbye,

You won't  regret,

But cherish the moments in memories,

Of the time, which you and me had together,

So you please, don't wait for tomorrow,

As today never meets tomorrow,

For 'now' there is no 'next'

Live in Now and Live forever.

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