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Wednesday, 20 August 2014



I have given you my name but not fame,
You have to earn it on your own,

Strength is mine but Will is yours,
Empower yourself for divine glory,

No doubt the footprints are mine,
But you have to pave your own way,

I have given you mind to unravel the mysteries,
But decision is your own,

I have given you power to see,
But sight is your own,

I have given you ability to speak,
But words are your own,

I have given your chance,
But choice is your own,

I have displayed stars on the canvas of universe,
You have to find one which is your own,

I have painted the earth for you,
You have to find landscape which is your own,

Sensations are mine but Perceptions are yours,
Inspiration is mine but Aspiration is your own,

Whenever you make final move remember
affinity is mine but affirmation is your own