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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

power of prayer

When you are worried and sad,

When night of darkness is too long,

And rage of tensions high,


Pray to GOD for his blessings,and

See the strength unmatched,

Unleash the power of prayer,

Pray from  heart,

Forget self and merge in oneness,

He is there in and around,

We need eyes to see

God answers every prayer,

Pray from heart,

Put your soul into it,

Often he will test us,

Make our life full of ordeals,

Don't get despair,

We need not get answers to all our prayers,

Don't worry,

He has his own way of testing,

We get what we deserve,

Not what we want,

As he is the best judge,

Darkness may be too harsh,

But at the end of the tunnel there will always be ray of hope.

                                    God is always there with us . We may go astray but he is always there to guide us.Devotion and dedication will lead us to be with him in his realm.