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Saturday, 1 November 2014


In the vicissitudes of life,

I miss;
The luxury of time spent together,
With those whom I love,
With those who are near my heart.

I miss;
The childhood of my kids,
Their innocence,which we lost.

I miss;
The peace which heart seeks,

The bliss so serene.

I miss;
The quiet breeze which breaks the silence,
The place of my space.

I miss;
The time gone by,
The dreams lost in the girth of time,

I miss;
The door,which I never opened,
The opportunities lost and moment gone.

I miss;
Today for tomorrow,
Seen for unseen.

I miss;
The mistakes which I never committed,
The credit which I never got.

I miss;
Accepting too easily,
Giving up so easily.

I miss;
Being significant without any cause,
Being longed for a selfless love.

I miss;
The kiss,
The last laugh.