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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Truth of life

One fine morning,

I found,

That all,

My sorrows gone,

I am free to


No worries,

No tensions,

 I am alone,

But happy,

Flying high,


What is this?

Why they mourn?

On My body,

O my God,

I am soul,

Free from bonding,

Of body,

Dead for them,

They dig my grave,

To rest me there,

As they leave,

Me under the heap,

I saw some tears,

Some meekly smiling,

But both were there,

On my last rites,

To perform their final duty,

As they  bid adieu,

I could notice,

The changing faces of relations,

Counting the blessings,

Which I leave,

Fighting legal battles,

In and out of court room,

Never they bother,

How I feel,

Midst of stars,

Never they realise,

What I leave is immaterial,

What is gone with me is Material.