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Thursday, 11 December 2014


Veiled truth never to be revealed,

Glued lips never to be opened,

A secret never to be shared,

Lies buried in heart layers,

Never to be told..


Which I have for you,

When you are there...

With me.

I breathe you...

In and out,

Day and night...

Are all one,

Lost in your thoughts.

A burning desire,

To see you all time,

Made me wait for you.

On the path ......

Which you follow too often,

The thrill..

When you are near,

Stir me within.

I shudder. .

When you touch me softly;

Your innocence,

Which hold me..

To give relation a name,

Sealed my lips,

I am awestruck,

Will never be able,

To open up,

To say,"I love you".

But I do...