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Friday, 29 August 2014


Getting nostalgic,

Lost in the memories,

I miss those chirping birds,

Who frequent the parapet,

I missed whiff of fresh air,

Those dew drops,

Which carpeted green,

That tree, pillar of strength,

Underneath which I played,

Is no more,

Those trembling

Shaking holding me like rock,

Pampering grandpa,

All are gone,

Those narrow aisles,

That experience of Castle,

All is in backlane,

Those bundles of hugs,

abundance of love,

All are lost,

In the fire of progress,

Hopes snatched,

Smiles gripped,

Got our share of,

Abhorrent worries,

Fumbling tensions,

Paying price,

What was free,

All in the name of progress.

                              In the name of development we have paid heavy price.what was available free and freely has price tags attached.Just think in the name of progress what are our ggains and losses.

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