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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Love unseen

Knowing that you are nowhere near,

I feel you near,

When I close my eyes,

Far from realty in tranquillity,

Escaping from real,

In the world of dreams,

When there is darkness around,

And no disturbing sound,

You are there,

Enfolding me like a fire,

Full of burning desire,

I miss you,

When I open my eyes,

I know,

You are as real as my dreams,

Miles apart on a different plane,

With Subtle smile on lushy lips,

You Made me cry,

With tears in my eyes,

In Murmurings of your thoughts,

My heart beats,

In the flickers of your eyes,

Love I seek,

I want to meet the love so pure,

Which you pour on my soul,

If I happens to meet you,

I will hold your hands,

Look into your eyes,

Till I close my eyes forever,

If God forbids,and

I happens to die,

Without meeting you,

My soul will come searching for you,

To behold your sight,

Before I go and lost in eternity.