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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Painless life

For years,

I suffered alone,

Roaring in soaring pain,

Fireball of pain,

Never let me gain,

What I cherished most,

All was lost,

Money gone,

Relations gone,

As pain boom,

And, all was in doom,

For years,

Agonising pain,

Gave me no gain,

In those restless nights,

Far from sleep,

I used to dream,

Freaking out,

And have long ,

Painless drive,

I wished to be loved,

And, have all relations mine,

Visit places where my wishes shine,

I think,

Time has come,

To set it right,

In a day,

They will put me under knife,

To make my life,

And all rife,

 Is mine,

For years,

The pain which was mine,

Will no longer be mine.

                    This poem is dedicated to one of my unknown friend whose spinal surgery is  due on Friday.lets pray for his speedy recovery.