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Friday, 8 August 2014





Time devoured hopes,

Grey hairs and sketchy face,

Confined to solitude in my tiny room,

Getting nostalgic ,

I remember the days gone by,

My childhood full of carefree moments,

Rolling in mud and dancing in rain,

Unmindfully going out in sunshine ,

And ,Of youth ,

The vigour in emotions, flight of imagination,

Changing moods and temperament,

Enthusiasm and adventure ,

When hope was in heart and love in air,

Seems ages have passed, since I grew old and bald,

Like detached leaves,

trampled under the feet, is all my strength,

From the depth of my heart I know

That I am not alone ,

There are many and many yet to come,

I savour each and every moment of time gone by,

As I know ,

After this emptiness and darkness,

One day I will be free and soar up like a bird free from cage ,

There will be  life full of light again.

          Past is always adorable, Present bearable and future hopeble