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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Live in hearts not in mind

If you want to prove yourself, then show and make people believe in what you want them to see.
If you want to sell yourself, then show the people what they want to see.
Never try to sell mirrors to the ugly faces. No one wants to see true picture of his own. People love to see what they want to. Never do they want to see the contorted picture of their own. Show a bald man picture of his, possibly he will detest it. Show him the picture of another bald man he will accept the truth and the message being conveyed. We tend to accept the weakness shown relatively.
In the days of light and sound, glamour plays important role. Packaging is more important than packet itself. But till they don't have the opportunity to open that packaging  illusion will sensitize  Packaging attracts but can't make them stay, if what is inside is not worth. This is the difference between selling and proving. Proving is entering deep, touching the core of their heart and satisfying the appetite.Content leads to contentment and resentment both. Try to read what is behind the veil of eyes ie. in mind and come out with content satiating the appetite. If you fail to do so, resentment will replace contentment. Remember you can sell once and repeating is proving yourself.
Sell to prove yourself. Let people come to you like bees come buzzing, in the quest for what they want. Holding them close and longer is easy if you add honey apart from colours in their life.Don't sell hope, sell solutions. We all are creation of GOD'S thought process. Now as human we have our own thought process. we dream all day and night-eyes closed or open. Restlessness is the result of this dream creating power,which we fail to realize in material. Hence solutions are preferred and always entertained. HOPE KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE AND SOLUTIONS MAKE THEM LIVE LIFE.
People have right to live, give them reason to live.Lead from front, walk before on the path which you want people to follow. Proving is providing surface to glide not slide.In the end I will say P:R:O:V:E stands for Provide reason of valuable existence, so that you live in hearts not in mind.