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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Love never dies

When you grow old, unable to walk,
stick to stalk,
You long for someone to talk,
Eyes go blur, faces dark,

In moments of loneliness, 
 memories are only hope,
Sharing your solitude,
Remember the days,

When you were young bright with spark in eyes,
There were many, who long for you,
Love they call it...
There was one who silently wept,
When you shed  tears in rain, 
He was the one,who never care 
For his pains,
Painted you in his thoughts 
Never relent,
Wish you to fill canvass of his life,
With Colours of your love,
You never did,
He like a sage worshipped you,
You never answer his prayers,
Now when the luxury of youth has gone 
Face which shattered many
Have tatters on,
Call him,
he has not gone,
Still there near you,
Waiting to be called for one last time,

Sandeep khosla