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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


The day -which comes once,
A year every year,
Adds years to your life,
Make you MAN from BOY,
Is your Birthday.

Adding years,
On the canvas of your face,
Streaks tell the story,
Sharing the truth,
That you have come so far,
With each passing Birthday.

No clouds ,clear sky,
As Sun shines bright,
Nature at its best,
letting all gloom rest,
On the day of your Birthday.

Making way for Fun,
Night of your Birthday,
Sharing the fizz,
Before the Haze goes RED,
Having nuts before everyone go nutty,
labeling everything black,
In the see through glass,
To save each and every drop,
Till everything goes black,
We celebrate in inebriation.

We made it a point,
Before we part,
To make you RECALL,
The way we had fun last time,
On the day of your,
Every year and for many more years to come.